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 Super high quality, made with care, and full of good energy. - anonymous 

 This exceeded my expectation, the energy the pyramid let's off is uncanny. I also loved the blog post on pyramids, very unique cool info I've never heard of it also helped me select the one that suited me best.- Gabriel 

 Very insightful blog post about the orgone pyramids, I went ahead and purchased a few. - anonymous 

 Wow, I purchased a few items after reading the blog posts on orgone pyramids and dream catchers. Very interesting to learn how geometry influences space-time, and can be utilized in everyday life. Not to mention how beautiful the products look. anonymous 

 Orgone pyramid was a nice addition to my workspace. I'm a spiritual practitioner, I do energy healing and give tarot readings. A few of my clients have mentioned how pretty it is and how powerful the energy it let's off is.- Sandy

 Fast effective checkout and great customer service, can't wait to receive my items.- Rebecca 

"Thank you so much for this.  It has brought more peace, tranquility, and joy into my home."- anonymous