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Orgone Pyramids


 Pyramids can be found all over the world in almost all countries. Pyramids, as monuments, have astonished countless generations. But pyramids as machines, which collect and amplify the fluid-like nature of space-time or the source field "ether"? 

 The source field, very similar to ether, is the source of energy, consciousness, biological life and ultimately the creator. Source fields can be generated as a result of a distortion of the geometry of the physical vacuum. The definition of pyramid to the Greeks was "Fire in the middle" ie;vortex. A vortex in the middle. The Egyptian word Per-Neter means "house of energy". Pyramids generate, transform and transmit energy. 

 Pyramids act like a funnel which harnesses the universal energy called the source field, also known as torsion fields, and concentrates it. This energy is what is ultimately consciousness. It's the energy that provides health, if you beem it into biological life it will become healthier and more vibrant. The current working theory is that the pyramids were built on weak points in Earth's energetic grid. Ley lines are meridians on the Earth. Pyramids harness the energy flowing through the ley lines.

"In this article the experimental results obtained by various researchers in the period 1950-1990 are discussed. Since all experimental results under consideration could not be explained in the framework of existing theories, these results were placed under the category of "experimentally-observed phenomena." It is shown that all of the experiments considered here have demonstrated a manifestation of spin-torsion interactions" 

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