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Awakening your inner potential!

 At Mystic Awakenings it is our ultimate goal to help you look within yourself and find the divine spark that we know each individual harbors. Begin a pilgrimage toward self-knowledge and, eventually, wisdom. Recognize the path of personal development within ourselves and the stage upon that path where we find ourselves in order to energize our movement toward deeper self-realization.

Self Love

Self love is the first step to bringing massive value and transformation to humanity. How can you lift others up if your not already up?

Growing Wealth

 Infinite Intelligence Is the force that gives order and origin to everything in the entire universe. Furthermore, you, the individual are a precise expression of this force. As such, you have no limitations except those accepted or deliberately set up in your own mind. Money is not the root of all evil, greed is. A large part of the new age will be set upon equal transaction and trade. Its up to you to take the reins and use your unique gifts to add value to yourself and others. 

True philosophy and logic